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Private Lavel SIP Dialer, VPN Dialer with Video, Vista Support

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  • Private Lavel SIP Dialer, VPN Dialer with Video, Vista Support

    We assume the long term call should maintain the level in term of voice quality, We provide the SIP Softphone with the ultimate voice quality which support g729, g723 & g 711 codac, Video Features, Call Recording Features, IM Features, Vista Support, VPN Support: We will install VPN Server and VPN Client for you.

    Softphone we can design as per customer's requirement and specification suiting their nature of business and make it possible to place and receive phone calls from the laptop or PC through its simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) integration amalgamated with various amazing features.

    a.. Customized Skin Interfaces
    b.. Call Timer * Display Balance
    c.. Last Number Redial
    d.. Local Signalization (Dial tone, busy, ring back, etc.) for user comfort
    e.. Mute
    f.. Touch-Tones
    g.. Address Book
    h.. Microphone Volume Control
    i.. Speaker Volume Control
    j.. VPN Support
    k.. Vista Support


    a.. Use Microsoft g723.1 codec
    b.. Small Application
    c.. Works with any Full-Duplex sound card
    d.. USB headset support.
    e.. Works well on most of the versions of Microsoft Windows ( NT4,2000,XP, 2003)
    f.. UPNP NAT/Firewall support, stable SIP, RTP ports
    g.. Specify NAT IP to be written in SIP messages
    h.. Auto-Configuration of settings for easy deployment
    i.. STUN support for NAT detection and classification
    j.. Configuration Wizard
    k.. Uses New RFC 3261 compliant stack



    a.. Basical features
    b.. License: Unlimited users
    c.. Customization: Skin and logo
    d.. More Information:


    a.. Basical features
    b.. Display account balance on the softphone
    c.. License: Unlimited users
    d.. Customization: Skin and logo
    e.. More Information:


    a.. Basical features
    b.. Display account balance
    c.. Display credit account time
    d.. Display Credit account time count down
    e.. Invalid PIn
    f.. Expired Pin
    g.. Insufficient fund
    h.. License: Unlimited users
    i.. Customization: Skin and logo
    j.. More Information:

    If you have any queries, please let me know. I would be happy to assist you.

    Looking forward to do business with you

    For more information please contact us at :
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