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MediaCore SBC with Guardian Protects Your Revenue

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  • MediaCore SBC with Guardian Protects Your Revenue

    Speedflow's elite #MediaCore platform has many innovative features to meet all the needs of #VoIP carriers. One of the most important parts is the Guardian revenue assurance system. By proactively monitoring traffic quality, the system will reduce fraud and prevent revenue loss.

    There is sustention number of fraudsters in VoIP business. And here Guardian steps in. It monitors and analyses traffic based on established parameters, and sends notifications about problematic destinations. This helps you stay one step ahead of the problems keeping your revenue safe.

    Another option of the system is the possibility of changing the routes based on specific factors of your choosing. Also included - automatic #FAS detection based upon #ASR & #ACD analysis.

    Start protecting your business with #Guardian system!

    For more information, visit us at or contact