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Rent package with lowest price / free training / 247x tech support !!!

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  • Rent package with lowest price / free training / 247x tech support !!!

    we are offering full functional voip software which is old and latest version also all modules is complete there. Deferent type’s of soft ware like-Nextone 3.1/ VM (2.1 > 5.2), MVTS 3.1.2 -, / MERA II / vps / ALEPO voip billing/ alepo hotspot Expert calling card switch/ADVANCE VOIP BILLING/ SM etc also available with us. Related We are renting VPS &MVTS 3.1.2 + billing+sip with low monthly fee...
    Here some futures of our software:

    Key features:
    I) High call capacity,
    II) Unlimited rate table,
    III) Real time monitoring& alerts
    IV) Multiple authentication methods,
    V) Advanced management of calling cards
    VI) Selection of call legs for billing purposes,
    VII) Comprehensive reporting
    VIII) Standard voice billing functional

    Billing and rating features:
    I) Ability to define call legs for billing purposes,
    II) Support for prepaid and postpaid billing models,
    III) Full support for radius billing signals,
    IV) Unlimited number of rate tables,
    V) Initial time, maintenance, and other charges per call,
    VI) Management of rating increments,
    VII) Management of rating increments,
    VIII) Management of call time and per call adjustments,
    IX) Automated import of provider rates

    CRM Features:
    I) Support for multiple languages on the CRM,
    II) Choice of multiple CRM templates
    III) History of successful/unsuccessful calls,
    IV) Enable/disable display of ANI/Caller ID on the CRM,
    V) Monthly statements to users via email
    VI) Email notifications to users when they register,
    VII) Purchase time, change password, etc

    Calling Plan Features:
    I) Support for standard calling plans (no roll-over minutes)
    II) Support for standard calling plans (no roll-over minutes)
    Top 10 Optional Features:
    I) Managed service ,
    II) Calling plans,
    III) Custom service billing
    IV) Peak /off-peak billing,
    V) Flag fall billing,
    VI) Progressive billing,
    VII) Rate switching,
    VIII) Number expecting,
    IX) Discount credit time,
    X) Special number billing

    here we illuminate about voip billing shortly but it’s a complete solution for your voip
    Business. So don’t be late, just contact me for our customizing relation.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
    For live chat:
    Customercare07 / SKYPE