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HOT offer from IXC!!! Don`t miss!!!

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  • HOT offer from IXC!!! Don`t miss!!!

    Do not miss the opportunity! Start business with IXC till December 20th, 2007 and take advantage of getting IXC Softswitch for buy on very special price.
    Our system covers following VoIP providers businesses:
    - Wholesale or Retail - ---> Sotswitch with Billing solution
    - Origination or Termination; ---> Sotswitch with Billing soltuion
    - PrePaid for Calling Cards; ----> Calling Cards Solution
    - PC2Phone with Softphone/Dialer ----->IXCPhone soltuion

    We offer an integrated system of SoftSwith and Billing.

    Components of Software are as follows:

    - SoftSwitch Class 4 (H.323, SIP) + Billing Center!!!

    We are using Modularity-Principle, i.e. you can add additional Modules to the base
    version of Softswitch that enhances the functionality of the system.

    You can add Financial Tools Module which eases you greatly.
    • Also there is Protocols Converter that converts from one protocol
    into another one and on the contrary:
    • Plus there’s the Codecs Converter which do the following conversion:
    G.711 => G729, G723
    G.729 => G711, G723
    G.723 => G711, G729

    Also there’re additional Platforms which can be added to Softswitch base version
    or can be applied and implemented as separate Platforms:
    - IXC PrePaid Platform (Calling Cards);
    - IXC IXCPhone Platform (with H.323 – based Softphone/Dialer)

    We have dedicated engineers and 24/7/365 technical support.

    Because “we have” – “You Can”.

    Vitaliy Skripnik
    IXC sales manager
    Office: +38 044 239 97 40
    icq: 388101687