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  • Rent,lease,purchase!!! click here

    Hello clients,

    we are one of the best and stable leaders in the voip market for selling voip services and equipments like Softswitches ,A-Z wholesale termination.We are also dealing in providing support for softswitches and for cisco ,quintum etc..Our dealings are simple and clear so that everyone can get into us and gather information about what they need.Having seperate departments for differnet working activities with seperate technical andsales engineers .Seperate engineers for monitoring and doing techinical configurations.Having a wise range of customers those who are satisfied with our service .we are also capable of doing works like website customisarion,calling card business etc.. In total we are a runway for your totall voip solution. Now we are running into the 10 year of great success in this voip field.

    Our specifications are:-

    *Basically we are located in Unied States,but providing support from India.

    *we are providing 24/7 tech support in 365 days

    *24/7 free training

    *Anyone can contact us at anytime through MSN or via Live website chat support.

    *Sitting 50 cisco certified engineers in our company.

    *Best and Quick problem solving deparmtents

    *Best softswitches for rent ,leae,purchase with 24/7 tech suport

    * now every one will get 5 mbps bandwidth free with our softswitch

    *Using protocols like H323 and Sip

    *Best codecs like all G729 all,G723,G711 etc...

    *Different departments such sales,billing,technical etc..with 24/7 support in each deapartment.

    *Best call termination gateways for rent, sale,purchase with 24/7 tech support

    *Providing latest version softswitches (version 4.8 with all modules)

    *Using best methodes for call routing like least cost ,preferd status,Average Success Rate etc..

    * Best and effective CDR and CRM management through online webconsole

    *calling card business with IVR servers and billing and routing servers

    *Providing pre-defined and competive rates

    *Using 1/1 billing solution and also providing 1/1

    *anyone can get free testings at any time

    * providing good quality termination gateways from different vendors like Cisco ,Quintum etc...

    * Using strong and stable firewalls with 24/7 monitoring

    * Providing 100% up time gurantee and using strong co-location with 24/7tech and monitoring support

    * providing different level softswitches for rent,lease,purchase

    * Providing website customization through best and effective feamle engineers

    * Providing different levels of softswitches with higher call capacity and 24/7 tech support

    * Providing different types payment options

    * Providing 100% white CLI routes and others with 24/7 tech support

    more and more to come, please contact me on my msn