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    Skyline gsm gateway have already been used in more than 20 countryies, such as Pakistan, Af., Sudan, India, BD, Ethiopia, Indonisia, Egypt, Ghana, USD, Malawi, South Africa... And received a good feedback. Anti-SIM-blocking is our device main function. Here is some main features about our device. Four Special anti-SIM-blocking technical measures! 1.1 port multi SIM alternatively using, shortening the every SIM using time greatly, helps your SIMs more safer. 2.Inter-calling support. Ports can call each other, greatly helps to mix human and device. 3.SMS sending automatically, Mix human being and device. 4.Base station changing automatically, confusing the device with the moving human. Other Special measures help device more safer! 1.IMEI change support! Help u get rid of IMEI blocking! 2.VPN/SBO/Relay Proxy Server Support. Don't afraid of Port Blocking again. Help u to improve call quality! For Pakistan, BD, India, Sri Lanka, we can take in charge of custom clearance, u can receive device in ur own city. And can track device delievery on the internet. U can get device in a week after we receive payment. Chinaskyline Bolt Skype/whatsapp:+86 136 1296 5331