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  • IPitomy Communications SIP-VoIP-Cloud-IP PBX

    IPitomy Communications is based in Sarasota, Florida and has been a pure VoIP company since 2006! IPitomy manufactures its own hardware, writes its own software and is also a VoIP provider. IPitomy offers the latest technology and richest feature set in the industry for IP-PBXs on premise and in the Cloud. SIP trunking packages offer more call capacity, high quality and easy deployment for less money! SIP trunking is out-deploying PRI deployments for good reason.

    What are some reasons why companies are now choosing SIP for their telecommunications networks?

    1. The number of available trunks and integration is a function of available bandwidth, not physical termination hardware or circuits. IPitomy's smallest package offers 20 trunks!

    2. SIP scales up or down easily and quickly with a software change and can offer as many trunks as you need when you need them. PRIs become burdensome as call capacity increases gradually.

    3. Automatic IP re-routing capabilities allow practical geographic distribution to any place with an Internet connection. With IPitomy, we can fail-over automatically to a backup Cloud PBX or forward to other numbers.

    4. Relative to PRI circuits and the associated supporting hardware, SIP Trunking costs are significantly lower than PRI. Expensive PRIs are often replaced for half the cost!

    5. Moving is easy with SIP! No long lead times for circuits to be installed at the new location. Once your Internet is up you are good to go with SIP!

    As you can see, SIP simply offers more value! See how IPitomy can offer you more options for your company while saving you money today on your phone bill!