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IPsmarx Clients Experience Up to 75 Percent Traffic Surge During Holiday Season

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  • IPsmarx Clients Experience Up to 75 Percent Traffic Surge During Holiday Season

    Award-winning VoIP solutions provider reveals how service providers can maximize revenue during holiday season via webinar
    Reston, VA, December 04, 2013—IPsmarx Technology Inc, an industry leader in VoIP software products and solutions, reports that its clients—VoIP and prepaid service providers—experience a 60-75% increase in traffic volume during the holiday season. These figures were made public by IPsmarx IT Operations Manager Shawn Boroumand during a recent IPsmarx webinar. The webinar, titled “The Peak Holiday Traffic Opportunity & How to Capitalize on It,” reveals how service providers can maximize their revenues from the high volume of holiday traffic.

    “From early November well into the New Year, service providers experience a surge in traffic as more of their customers make more calls and use more minutes,” notes Carrie Fedders, US Account Manager at IPsmarx, “As many of these customers are calling friends and family overseas, service providers experience a large increase in international voice traffic as well, which presents a number of opportunities in of itself.”

    IPsmarx equips service providers with solutions specially designed to deliver innovative international calling solutions to end-users. International Mobile Top Up, for instance, enables end-users to buy mobile minutes and send it to their friends and family overseas to use on their mobile phones—a particularly useful solution for the holidays as end-users can send these mobile minutes as gifts to loved ones. Even end-users in regions where VoIP is difficult to deploy, such as Africa and the Middle East, can make cost-effective VoIP-based calls using the clever IPsmarx Callback Solution. And to take advantage of the rising tide of mobile, IPsmarx equips service providers with SIP-based softphones that they can offer to their customers. All of these solutions integrate seamlessly with core IPsmarx platforms such as the PINLess Calling Card Solution and Class 5 Softswitch—high performance, feature-rich solutions in themselves.

    “High volume traffic represents a lucrative revenue opportunity, but only if the system can handle it,” Shawn Boroumand points out, “This is why IPsmarx systems are designed to have high availability—even smaller IPsmarx systems can be easily scaled for higher capacity without downtime.”

    Through its array of innovative solutions and proven market insight, IPsmarx equips VoIP and prepaid service providers with the tools they need to maximize revenue during the holidays and throughout the year. To request a copy of the webinar, email

    About IPsmarx Technology, Inc.

    IPsmarx is the leading provider of softswitch, billing and prepaid solutions for IP service providers. The company has spawned a new generation of IP pioneers from entrepreneurs and startups to substantial high growth businesses. IPsmarx now focuses on fulfilling a niche of businesses between the small open source providers and complex solutions provided to large telecommunications companies. The IPsmarx award-winning platform includes Class 4 and Class 5 softswitches, a SIP-based prepaid calling card and PINless platform, custom branded mobile applications, SIP trunking, and a multi-tenant IP-PBX platform with integrated billing and e-commerce. For more information, visit

    IPsmarx Technology Contact:
    Carrie Fedders
    Sales Manager, USA
    (703) 779-2055
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