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We are an established VoIP service provider in china. We sell VoIP softwares and provide Call termination gateways with good voice quality. we are currently having our business with Two(2) USA campaines. We would also like to include that recently we appointed one of our representative in Australia to extend our business, even all over the world.

Enterprise gateway
Ecsino enterprise gateway is tailor-made for enterprise users who just need a PBX, the gateway can connect th the PBX exterior line directly.On the enterprise original communication framework, increase the communication channel of ecsino global communication center, make enterprise extension connect with ecsino communication center, without change the extension settings, make the calls free all over the world.

Simply to use
Connect PSTN and internet cable
Without change existing structure equipment
Connect th ecsiono global communicaton center.
Enterprise extension could be set to be easycall, so the extension will be free of charge wherever it is in the world.
Ecsino easycall could call extension directly.
Ecsino easycall could could traditional phone directly.
Enterprise gateway can be added together,the extention lines are unlimited

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