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Selling Antrax (almost for free)

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  • Selling Antrax (almost for free)

    Hello all!

    I sell the Antrax equipment with a set of 560 SIM cards and 56 GSM channels. 9800 dollars, delivery for you.

    For more detailed information, please contact the telegram: @awesomeperepel

    In order for you to be less worried about your money as a reinsurance, you can contact my manager in skype: ichertcova.fg
    If you are interested, I agreed with the manager that you can send some of the money to their accounts as insurance. The transfer fee of 1.5% in this case is also yours (there are not too many extra bucks for reinsurance)

    Any other your concerns and / or other suggestions please write:
    1) telegrams - @awesomeperepel;
    2) mail -

    Anthrax software is really flexible and does not leave unnecessary attention in any cases. Sim card accounts are controlled and replenished automatically, incoming SMS about blocking, etc. are filtered and can be reacted to, the fuel codes of shutdowns signaling the blockage can also be analyzed and reacted accordingly. This way you will be able to maintain your originator without fear that it will be disconnected from you due to a SIM card or IVR that has not been filled in, or because 80% of the traffic will go into the void and your CDR will drop. I do not think that other systems have such a set of functionality, so if you are sure that you will find pure good traffic, I recommend that you pay attention to this decision, without having good traffic it will not help you much.

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    Have only SIM-box for 420 SIM-cards. 4400$ for all.


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      Have only SIM-box for 420 SIM-cards. 3300$ price only the next two month