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Looking for a VoIP solution? Beware of fraud (Must read)!

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  • Looking for a VoIP solution? Beware of fraud (Must read)!

    You're looking for a VoipSwitch solution and came across Datasoft? Beware!

    These guys are notorious for robbing clients in 3 ways:

    1. They simply take the payment and do not deliver the modules they claim to have or
    2. They deliver the server only to hack it after a few days or
    3. They deliver the server and wait until you configure your termination so they can transfer bulk traffic via your gateway and leave you penniless.

    They have caused tens of thousands of dollars in losses for many clients and continue to do so – beware of their cheap tricks!

    Check if the VoipSwitch license that you are renting or buying is genuine by visiting our website: (License verification - top right corner)

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    Hi one of our partner is UK having serious issues with your company . According to them one of your sales manager named Marcel promised them a complete solution however it was not delivered for over 1 year time and meanwhile your company tool about $ 17,000 from them . I think they are planning to sent a court notice to your UK address . I thought your guys use to be a good company its strange how companies changes this days !