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FRAUD ALERT - Bangla Tel Dialer

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  • FRAUD ALERT - Bangla Tel Dialer

    The User with Skype ID : alamin8301
    has Cheated us by giving us a Fake Payment Slip of 4650 AED
    Their Operations are at UAE
    IP :
    Company Name : Bangla tel dialer

    please be careful with them..
    Recheck ur Accounts & Add the amounts after double checking & only after receiving the payments
    fortunately we have lost only a less amount.
    do not add any amount just by seeing the Payment Slip

    They will contact the NOC or support team after the Accounts or Sales person has logged off.

    now this company has kept their status As " Meet us gteax"
    please block traffic from this company unless u have received any payments form them .

    The Ones who have planned to buy from them too be careful. you won't be knowing what they have
    planned for you.