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Can I generate a dial tone with an unsucribed VOIP device?

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  • Can I generate a dial tone with an unsucribed VOIP device?

    I just purchased a Panasonic 2 line cordless phone. I do not plan to use the 2nd line capability till sometime next year. I have been unable to find a menu option to remove the "Check line 2" notice on the hand set's screens. This notice is blocking the handset ID. So I was wondering if I could generate a fake/mock dial tone to eliminate this message. Is there a way to get a box to generate a dial tone, through a menu setting or otherwise? Thanks in advance, Logan..

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    Why not just register it to a free voip account even if you never intend to use it. There are several options for that. and all offer free accounts.
    To do what you asked would probably need to be done at the firmware level.


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      Thank you ppowers for that information, I was not even aware those services were available. Turns out I have a Cisco router DCP3939, it has a voip telephone jack on the back, However I can not find any menu options for SIP or VOIP in the router menu system. doing a google search looks like since I have a router from Xfinity the options for SIP/VOIP may be locked out for Xfinity Voip service. I do not know for sure. I am still experimenting with it, but I am new to VOIP, so not really sure what I am doing, Thanks for any help. Logan....


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        I have had one of those Cisco routers with voip. Usually the voip settings are locked. Last time I used one was almost 10 years ago. At that time I found a program that would hack into it and push the voip account settings into it. With that option I could not change any other settings like dial plans or NAT. If you can, try changing the firmware to a version that is not vendor specific and lets you into the voip settings, I personally enjoy the challenge of bypassing the locks that vendors put on equipment but the time you put into getting past them is not financially worth it. To me its the challenge but if you just want something that works, an unlocked voip adapter can go for as little as $15 on ebay. I unfortunately do not remember what software I used to push my account into the Cisco router nor do I know if it still lingers out there. Now if it came from Vonage, good luck at getting anything to hack it. I have bricked more than one vonage box.