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Simple two line VOIP that can support multiple analog devices.

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  • Simple two line VOIP that can support multiple analog devices.

    I dumped my two AT&T landlines for Oomah Office. The problem I am having is that the "Lynx" digital to analog converters appear to be overwhelmed by the number of analog devices and sometimes fail to recognized that I have hung up the phone thus rendering a line stuck at "off-the hook" condition. Each Lynx feeds: An analog desktop phone, one line of a two-line cordless phone base station, two USB voice modems for PC-based caller ID, call logging, call blocking, and finally, a Way2Call USB telephony device for my PC-based voice mail software. . I don't much mind ditching the old-fashioned desktop phone, but I very much want to keep my voice-mail program and the caller ID, call-logging and junk call-blocking which is on two PCs. I have not been encouraged checking with other VOIP providers. When all is said and done, I would hope to be paying less per month than AT&T extorted from me, but, I have to say, the old true landlines had no problem supporting all my analog devices.

    Suggestions welcome!


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    Im a little confused as to everything you are doing but the best way I have connected several devices to a single incoming call is to use a separate adapter for each device then create a ring group where they all ring on an incoming call. The only downside here is if any one device answers then the others will disconnect. If you want all of the devices to be able to answer you could setup a pbx with asterisk and have the call go to a conference room and then connect all the others to the conference room as well. It would be a bit tricky but it can be done.