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Which Distance between User, pbx and trunk sip

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  • Which Distance between User, pbx and trunk sip


    I jave to decide how to put my server pbx. I should put it more close to the trunk sip Or to end user.
    So the big question what is the time ping max be alliwed berween each compnent (user. Server and trunk) and which should be reduced than the other one ( user side or trunk sip side) ?


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    I dont think it matters which one its closer to. If either distance is huge, you might have a small amount of latency but you will likely not notice it on the call. I have had phones connected on separate continents and call quality was as good as the old analog system. I would probably choose to have the server closest to my office if I had several employees that might call each other though so latency would not be an issue internally however if your sip provider is in the same country as your office, dont sweat it either way.