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Recommendations for a VOIP system for RDSH users?

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  • Recommendations for a VOIP system for RDSH users?

    Hi. We installed a Cisco CM system years ago. We'd like now to replace this with a system using a combination of soft phone and headset instead. HOWEVER - users do not have PC's - instead each user has a thin-client, connecting to on-prem Windows RDS servers (currently 2008R2, but soon to be 2016). So - I'm looking for a VOIP pbx solution to entirely replace the Cisco pbx and phones. Audio cannot successfully be used over RDP, so a "desk phone" (see later) will need to be the call termination point, with call control from the client's RDSH session. An outgoing call would be initiated(dialled) from the users RDS session, but the call would be placed by the desk phone. An incoming call would be signalled in the user

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    Great - I see my post was cut in half, making it meaningless. Sigh..


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      Email me the full question, I like a good challenge