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  • Need serious help/direction...

    I just recently purchased a Synway SMG1004B4O gateway. It has four FXO ports...which I am fairly certain are used to connect to POTS. (I was confused a bit between FXO and FXS ports...but I think I have that square now).

    Anyways. I have a couple of VoIP-provided phone lines (Charter/Spectrum, Packet8) far as the gateway is concerned, they should be handled as POTS lines. I am trying to decide what is best as far as a free VoIP PBX system is concerned. I did spin up a 3CX system...but, I need more direction as to integrating it with my Synway gateway. I am more than happy to move to a different system (Asterisk or others). I have a fairly beefy virtual spinning up new installs is not an issue.

    I am also wondering if, once I get this working, if I should buy a Synway SMG1004B4S to allow some of my analog phone sets to use the system. Or if I am better off buying something different all together...

    HELP!!!! :)

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    These VoIP PBX distros crack me up. I install "Elastix 5" and it ends up being 3CX. I install Asterisk NOW and it ends up being FreePBX. :)

    Anyways...I currently have Asterisk NOW / FreePBX installed. And I am totally clueless as to how to integrate with my Synway gateway. (heck, I have no clue how to do ANYTHING! And I'm not a stupid man.) . LOL


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      FreePBX is very feature rich and can take some time learning. I have a basic setup guide at
      Youtube and Google also helps a lot. also feel free to email me