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Never used Voip internationally and need help

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  • Never used Voip internationally and need help

    This is my future situation. I am a freelancer Virtual Assistant and I live in the U.S. now but will be moving to the Dominican Republic. I work for 2 companies right now in the U.S. and when I move I need to be able to still make calls to landline customers, receive calls, use my What's App on my cell phone internationally, but DO NOT want to pay for expensive international per minute calls. I understand that Google Voice in U.S. numbers only, in which, I do have that and are using that app now so I can receive invoices from the 2 companies I work for here in the states in an email. So with all that written, How can a VoIP work for me, Can it work for me, and any suggestions as to what I would need to do to make cheap calls and receive calls to and from internationally without the high price Sprint would charge me on a per minute basis per call using international data? I love my jobs and what to keep working for these companies even though I would be living internationally.

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    VOIP is only limited by your access to the internet and local laws. You can sign up for a VOIP account and register a SIP phone to that account and make calls paying only what they charge. Sip phones can be a physical phone plugged into your router, a SIP client on your computer or a SIP/VOIP app on your cell phone. As long as you do not go over your allotted data calls will only cost you what your provider charges. A reputable VOIP provider will not care where you are located. You can have multiple incoming numbers to one line so one phone can have a Dominican number and a USA number with no problems. My USA numbers cost $1.50 a month and Dominican numbers are $14 a month. Calls to USA are about $0.012 a min and to Dominican Republica are $0.025 a min to landlines and $0.09 to cell phones.