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    I'm trying to do some research as to what VoIP is really capable of and if it can be used in a call center for taking calls 24 hours a day.

    We have been using traditional phone systems for ages, but have really been let down by them, Too expensive and just plane don't have the features, that are demanded in this modern world, (even if the packaging says they do)

    We currently have an ISDN30 Line and up until recently we had the equivalent of that in Pots Lines.

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    Making the transition from a traditional land line to a VOIP system may seem like a savior for small businesses but their are still issues that need to be considered. The main and most important issue that should be addresses is the amount of bandwidth available and if it is sufficient to handle voice packets in order to deliver a quality conversation. Some other issues to consider is the availability of a back up plan for power outages as well as the technical know how to maintain the VOIP system.