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    Hi All,

    We have been using Vonage Business VOIP for about 1 month and we continue to have echoing, delay and breakups in calls. Currently, we only have a maximum 10 calls going at one time. I have allocated 2MB of our 15MB fiber connection. Put QoS on SIP traffic at the WAN Router. When I did this it did help some but we are still having bad calls. I recently looked at our internal network and noticed we are having lots of dropped packets, collisions and CRC errors. We have around 40 users on the same switch as our voip phones. 10 of our users are graphic designers and they constantly manipulate files that are 500MB to 1GB all day long. My question is do I need to move all the VOIP traffic off of our internal network onto a separate switch? Do you think moving all that data across the switch is causing the bad calls to occur? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.