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Mtn/Airtel/Zamtel all Zambia direct routes need

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  • Mtn/Airtel/Zamtel all Zambia direct routes need

    Hello Everyone!

    Greetings from BYTOMINER LTD

    I am Stephen Boltl from BYTOMINER LTD and we are based in UK. We supported Western Union,PayPal and Bank wire for quick payment.....please don't hesitate to contact with me directly.
    Skype: live:stephen_9162 And send your offer rate by

    Live traffic available for African Destinations/Routes mentioned below.

    1. Morocco 2.Cameroon 3.Burkina Faso 4.Algeria 5.Benin 6. Nigeria. 7. Zimbabwe 8. Kenya 9. Sudan 10. Senegal 11.Tanzania 12.Togo 13.Jamaica 14.Tunisia 15.DR Congo 16.Mozambique 17.Madagascar 18.Sierra Leone 19.Egypt 20.South Africa 21.Libya 22.Ivory Coast 23.Gabon 24.Congo 25.Guinea 26.Eritrea 27.Somalia 28.Ethiopia 29.Angola 30. Ghana 31.Uganda 32.Chad 33. Mali 34.Niger 35.Mauritania 36. Gambia 37. Djibouti...

    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@urgently need Zambia Direct route@@@@@@@@@@

    Live traffic available for Arab Status Destinations/Routes mentioned below.

    1. Saudi Arabia 2.Qatar 3.Kuwait 4.Oman 5.Bahrain 6.United Arab Emirates 7.Iran 8.Iraq 9.Jordan 10.Syria 11.Yemen 12.Lebanon 13.Cambodia 14.Kazakhstan 15.Kyrgyzstan 16.Laos 17.Mongolia 18.Taiwan 19.Tajikistan 20.Turkmenistan 21.Uzbekistan...

    Live traffic available for Asian & Pacific Destinations/Routes mentioned below.

    1. Afghanistan 2. Pakistan 3.Nepal 4.Indonesia 5.Malaysia 6.Philippines 7.Sri Lanka 8.Laos 9.Fiji 10. Myanmar 11.Vietnam 12. Mongolia 13 Maldives 14.Japan 15.Thailand.16 Hong Kong 17.India 18.Bangladesh 19.Bhutan 20.Burma......

    Thanks And Regards
    Stephen Bolt
    career relation manager
    Skype: live:stephen_9162
    LinkedIn@ Stephen bolt
    Company Address : 16-18, 2nd Floor,Whitechapel road,London,England-E1 1EW