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Traffic available for A-Z NCLI routes.

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  • Traffic available for A-Z NCLI routes.

    Dear Partner,

    Please accept my warm welcome on behalf of Teletermination PTE LTD.
    We terminate traffic over 2 million a month and have fairly reasonable amount of traffic to A - Z destinations. We have a significant presence in the International Wholesale VoIP market.

    We focus on providing quality international services at highly competitive wholesale rates with our wide network and interconnections coverage. A positive approach to the business is our main focus. So we are seeking your offer with stable quality routes.

    In need in urgent:

    Burkina Faso Mobile
    Madagascar Mobile
    Afghanistan Mobile
    Morocco Mobile
    Malawi Mobile
    Zimbabwe Mobile
    Pakistan Mobile
    Ethiopia Mobile
    Chad Mobile
    Mali Mobile
    Yemen Mobile
    Benin MTN
    Nigeria Mobile
    Sudan Mobile
    Haiti Mobile
    Kenya Mobile
    Zamibia Mobile
    Jamaica Mobile
    Indonesia - Mobile Telkomsel
    Indonesia Mobile Excelcom
    Malaysia Mobile All
    Myanmar Mobile
    Saudi Arabia Mobile
    United Arab Emirates - All

    For more details contact to:

    Thanks & Regards

    Shane Ang
    Relationship Manager
    Teletermination PTE LTD
    Email -
    Skype - sales1_3426