Fixed Wireless Terminals take a standard mobile phone sim card and operate over the mobile phone or cellular networks. It is often used when a landline connection is not available where voice, fax or internet are required. They can also be connected to a phone system to help reduce the cost of calling mobile phones.

Some Functions
1) CDMA 800MHz
2) Standard PSTN FXS with RJ-11 to telephone or voip gateway & PABX
3) 400-500Hz Dial-tone and Busy-tone , Disconnect Tone
4) 50V in idle and 75V in ringing and 9-12V in talking
5) DTMF detector in RJ-11
6) Provide reverse polarity
7) Caller ID (DTMF,after ONE Ring) to telephone or voip gateway or PABX
Caller ID (FSK) to telephone or voip gateway & PABX(Optional)
8) One Number Unified(Optional)
9) CLIR(Calling Line Identification Restriction)
10) Separate Power On/Off controller
11) LED indicating Hook On/Off,Talking,Signal Intensity,Power On/Off
12) Setable dialing delay time
13) Setable automatic dialing(Optional)
14) Support to dial all number including of * # (Optional)
15) DTMF Automaticly dialing to GSM , to voip gateway , PABX(Optional)

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