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    I am new to this forum so hoping this is the correct place. Tried to search for it but no obvious thread for this topic.

    We produce scheduling software and I want to integrate a VoIP solution with it to add value to the package we provide.

    The current situation:
    • Clients have a customer database
    • Database sizes of upto 20,000 customers
    • We can export this in any required format
    • When a customer calls in, we want their name to display on the handset

    We want it to be all automated once it's been set up. We don't want our clients having to do anything technical and we don't want to have to spend our time unless something needs fixing.

    I'm not very clued up on VoIP and whats available but it seems that it would have to be a handset that supports a remote directory/phonebook. If anyone can recommend handsets (Yealink, Nortel, Cisco, Polycom, etc) that would work as we require that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks you.

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    Im not sure what VOIP software you are using but with Asterisk you can easily send the call to a software script that takes the caller ID and does anything you wish to do based on the caller id, such as send database info to another application, rout the call geographically based on the caller's area code, or use database info to rout the call. Actually by using scripts during a call, the possibilities are endless. The script can run before or after the call is technically answered and change the way the call is handled.

    The Phone you use is most likely irrelevant. The only reason you might use a specific phone is what can be displayed on the screen if it has one. The script you run can change any call parameter you choose such as the caller's name which can be displayed on the phone screen as it rings, also if your extension handles calls that need to be answered differently, the script can also display onto the phone screen what company or dept the caller might be trying to reach. Feel free to email me


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