Eurotech Voip2All 16 channel gateway

- 16 simultaneous calls to Voip, Cellular, with a direct LAN connection to IP-PBX or TCP/IP.
- This unit can be intermixed with any 4ch of the cellular options, i.e. 4 channels GSM / 4 channels CDMA
- A SIP Client/Server, that can work stand-alone or in a SIM Server environment
- Timetable for sim swapping and unique human behaviour
- Hot swappable sim cards
- With IMEI Changer license included
- Solution for: A Corporate heavy duty solution for mass calling, origination / termination / call centres / operators

Eurotech 256 Channel SIM Server

Eurotech’s SIM Server solution creates a solution to centralize SIM cards and their management. All management operations are executed from a central site even if your GSM gateways are deployed in several locations or across continents. The gateway architecture manages the SIM Server the SIM allocation without the need of human intervention and with the SIM cards in a single geographic location. The SIM Server allows you to choose the best GSM CDMA or 3G operator’s price plan.
According to the best rate, IE according to time of the day or free minutes, calls are routed to the chosen SIM card without ever exceeding plans.
- Save on travel expense and time
- Save the cost of ‘on site’ technicians
- Save the down time between maintenance
- Control and manage this system from the office via IP
- The SIM Server supports simultaneous access 256 SIMs (3U) cards.

Price $ 10,000.00

3U 256 sim server.jpgVOIP16CH (1024x351).jpg