Working in Blocked region with 3 PC Dialers & 3 Mobile Dialers:
Tunnel solution available for CallShops in Blocked region.

PC Dialer: Java PC Dialer
VoxPC (Relay Based)

Mobile Dialer: iTel Mobile Dialer
MoSip Dialer
Gplex Dialer

Device to Phone working 100% in UAE, OMAN, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar

The following destinations are at attractive rates and brilliant quality:
Pakistan | India | Bangladesh | |Egypt |Sri Lanka| Saudia | A - Z.

So if you are looking for:

India ASR 49% ACD 7.3+
Pakistan ASR 48% ACD 7.1+
Bangladesh ASR 48% ACD 7.9+
Afghanistan ASR 40% ACD 6.0+
Nepal ASR 45% ACD 7.0+
Sri Lanka ASR 50% ACD 5.9+
Philiphines ASR 40% ACD 5.5+

Reseller Leve 3, 2, 1 Available.
24/7 Customer Support
1/1 Billing
PREPAID mode of payment
Payment accepted in UAE, KSA, Pakistan, Paypal.

Resellers please check the rates in following master reseller

Branded & Unbranded Dailers Available
Customized PC dailer Available
CDR / VSR available

Reseller Level III
Reseller Level II
Reseller Level I

MSN: sales@4gcall.us
Email: malik120000@yahoo.com

Contact for more Details : 00923325286995