View Full Version : Carrier-grade Skype Gateway

11-14-2007, 05:24 AM
One of the big problems of VoIP carriers is to develop customers and provide VoIP terminals for customers. It needs a lot of investment. So the main market of VoIP carriers is enterprises.
IMs are used worldwide and have great amount of users. Itís a great idea to develop IM users to be as VoIP users. Itís easy to locate the potential users and no need to install terminal software or devices.
NPBX4Sky SH can provide the carrier grade solution for the above idea. It can bridge among SCN、VoIP and Skype. Any users in these network can make or receive calls coming from any of these networks.
NPBX4Sky SH supports 30 skype channels communicating concurrently. The device have one E1、dual 10/100M Ethernet ports. It can connect with different network by: SS7、ISDN Pri、SS1、SIP、H.323、MGCP.
NPBX4Sky SH can act as standard VoIP gateway and have been tested to integrate with most of softswitchs. So itís easy to provide Skype support in established carrier grade VoIP networks.