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12-16-2010, 05:17 AM
Hypermedia Systems Ltd. is a leading VoIP GSM Gateways developer and manufacturer.

Hypermedia's professional VoIP GSM Gateways (http://www.hyperms.com/products/gsm-gateways/voip-gsm-gateway.html) offer excellent call termination and origination opportunities for Alternative Carriers, Call Termination Vendors, ISPs, Operators, and International Call Centers.

VoIP GSM Gateway Instant Price Quotation (http://www.hyperms.com/products/gsm-gateways/voip-gsm-gateway/86-instant-price-quote.html)

System Highlights:
* Professional carrier-grade gateway
* Fast Return on investment (ROI)
* Compatible with IP systems of leading manufacturers worldwide
* Fast and easy installation
* Scalable from 4 to 72 GSM channels
* Multi-SIM 4 SIM cards per channel
* Remote SIM card Top-Up
* Advanced LCR functionality
* Optional ISDN-PRI interface
* One point of contact for customer service
* Remote web-based management and control
* 24 months warranty

These open architecture, next generation Call Termination solutions (http://www.hyperms.com/solutions/service-providers-solutions/call-termination.html) have been optimized for low to high volumes of traffic and can be upgradeable up to 72 cellular channels/ 288 SIM cards, with options to combine several cellular technologies in the same unit.

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For further information contact:
Matti Broza
Hypermedia Systems Ltd.
Tel: +972-8-9363077
Fax: +972-8-9363066