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11-09-2007, 11:39 AM
Our system covers following VoIP providers businesses:
- Wholesale or Retail - ---> Sotswitch with Billing soltuion (http://www.ixc.ua/?MenuId=2)
- Origination or Termination; ---> Sotswitch with Billing soltuion (http://www.ixc.ua/?MenuId=2)
- PrePaid for Calling Cards; ----> Calling Cards Solution (http://www.ixc.ua/index.php?MenuId=5IXC)
- PC2Phone with Softphone/Dialer ----->IXCPhone soltuion (http://www.ixc.ua/index.php?MenuId=4)

We offer an integrated system of SoftSwith and Billing.

Components of Software are as follows:

- SoftSwitch Class 4 (H.323, SIP) + Billing Center!!!

We are using Modularity-Principle, i.e. you can add additional Modules to the base
version of Softswitch that enhances the functionality of the system.

You can add Financial Tools Module which eases you greatly.
• Also there is Protocols Converter that converts from one protocol
into another one and on the contrary:
• Plus there’s the Codecs Converter which do the following conversion:
G.711 => G729, G723
G.729 => G711, G723
G.723 => G711, G729

Also there’re additional Platforms which can be added to Softswitch base version
or can be applied and implemented as separate Platforms:
- IXC PrePaid Platform (Calling Cards);
- IXC IXCPhone Platform (with H.323 – based Softphone/Dialer)

We have dedicated engineers and 24/7/365 technical support.

Because “we have” – “You Can”.

Vitaliy Skripnik
IXC sales manager
Office: +38 044 239 97 40
web-site: www.ixc.ua
msn: skvitaliy@hotmail.com
icq: 388101687
e-mail: skvitaliy@ixc.ua