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11-08-2007, 08:06 AM
2007 Voip Softswitch Best selling and Rent Server

Hi Clients !!

We have all kinds of VOIP softswitch solution and billing solution all version we have, Include of all voip softswitch and billing solution is the 24/7 technical support

List Of Voip Softswitch And Billing Solution

Mera MVTS 3.1.0
Mera MVTS 3.1.2
Alepo Billing 5.1
Alepo Billing 6.1
Snapbilling 3.1.0
VM (VoiceMaster) 2.01
SM (SysMaster) 2.3
AVB (Advance Voip Billing) 7.1
AVB (Advance Voip Billing) 7.2
VPS (VoipSwitch) 2.745
VPS (VoipSwitch) 2.998

Latest Version of the VOIP Softswitch solution

VM (VoiceMaster) 4.3
VM (Voice Master) 4.6
VM (Voice Master) 4.9
SM (SysMaster) 2.55
Nextone 3.1
AVS Softswitch (AUVTECH)
ABS Billing System (AUVTECH)

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Ms. Grace Tomson
Marketing / Finance
PHBD IT Consulting Company
Manila Philippines
Yahoo Messenger ID: voip_selling@yahoo.com
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