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09-06-2010, 08:34 AM
IXC (IntereXchange Carrier) is a VoIP Software developer of routing and billing solutions for all types of VoIP business. Over 270 projects implemented in 33 countries worldwide.

IXC SoftSwitch and billing System Version 5.1
Powerful and stable IXC SoftSwitch 5.1.features even more intelligent and sophisticated call routing. Together with enhanced graphic web interface it allows service providers to significantly reduce complexity of routing and managing VoIP traffic.

Codecs and Protocols
Independent module IXC Media Converter represents a proxy server with integrated voice codecs converter. It ensures interworking and conversion of the following codecs: G.711, G.723.1, G.729, GSM. This module can be located either on the main Softswitch server, or on the separate server. In such a way you can reduce the load of the Softswitch.

IXC Softswitch v.5 supports interworking and translation of the following protocols: SIP and H.323

You will be able to route calls based on:
Price (Least cost routing)
Predefined level of income
Quality values (ASR, ACD, and PDD)
Accessibility of equipment
Total value of terminator
Called party number
Technical prefix
External routing rules (based on C++ plugging)

IXC Softswitch v.5.1 is compatible with all major VoIP carriers and vendors.
IXC Softswitch v.5.1 enables generation of the following reports:
Detailed statistics Report;
Traffic flow Report;
Profitability Report;
ASR/ACD Report;
Disconnect Causes Report;
Payment Report;
Incomes and Expenditures Report;
Expenditures by categories.

Improved FAS detection feature
FAS detection utility allows you to detect H.323 providers that mix their traffic with FAS. Some providers donít follow the correct H.323 call session: send immediate Connect message, can omit some messages or send them too fast. IXC system analyzes signaling messages time arriving intervals and compares them with set in the system values.

That and other features such as network profitability, financial module, XML-RPC protocol, FAS detection, trouble shooting system, translation of A-numbers, pre-paid and post-paid business schemes, multiple system monitors etc. make IXC SoftSwitch v.5 one of the most advanced Switches on a market.

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