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11-07-2007, 12:40 PM
Solegy hosted managed Service Delivery Platform SDP. VoIP Business Solution.

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Solegy offers a managed service delivery platform that allows network operators, service providers and content developers to achieve their business objectives more effectively. We do this by creating unique, forward-thinking software that solves real problems, and providing it with the industry-leading expertise that comes only with years of practical experience.
Solegy’s service delivery platform addresses the three key pain points felt by all operators: integrating disparate systems, managing third-party content and relationships, and creating a compelling customer proposition.

Solegy provides:

*Transaction engine/softswitch/billing solution
*Solegy’s ServicePDQ ibroker
*Policy control and compliance
*Free Softphone
*Solutions for IP VoIP Service Providers
*Solutions for IP Network Operators
*Solutions for Content Providers
*SIP blocking Solution
*Solegy's ServicePDQ SOHO Broadband
*Hosted IP PBX
* Prepaid Calling Card Platform
* Postpaid Calling Card Platform
*Service PDQ Call back solution
*supports SIP SoftPhones
*The ServicePDQ Voicemail solution
*Wholesale Peering Solution
*“Extreme Support” that is proactive, open, and set to the right expectations

Visit our Blog! http://www.solegy.com/blog/eric

Solutions for Network Operators:
Solegy's IMS aligned service delivery platform (SDP) empowers network operators to take advantage of the Next Generation Network (NGN) applications and content being developed around the 3GPP and 3GPP2 IMS specifications.

Solutions for Content Providers:
Solegy's next generation network (NGN) platform allows you to control the delivery of digital media content (music, video programming, gaming, mobile search, etc.) through any broadband network.

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