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01-13-2010, 05:45 AM
IXC (IntereXchangeCarrier) VoIP Software developer providing integrated solution for VoIP operators. Using advanced technologies highly skilled team of IXC professionals has created a unique solution consisting of billing system, softswitch and system of statistic gathering.

Our Integrated Solution covers
-Calling Cards
-Device to phone (NAT support)
-Calls from PC
-SMS/ANI/WEB Callback
-Call shop
-Corporate VoIP network
-VPN Tunneling

IXC Software Features
- Integrated Billing
- Easy-to-use web-interface
- FreeBSD based (UNIX family)
- System covers all sorts of VoIP Business (wholesale/retail)
- Integrated financial utilities for receiving efficient business information
- Module-based architecture
- Easy-to-upgrade
- Reliability and safety
- 24/7 technical support

For more information on our products and special offers please contact me directly or visit our web site www.ixc.ua

Andriy Savka
office: +38044 2399740
Yahoo savkaixc@yahoo.com
MSN savkaixc@hotmail.com
Skype andriyixc

12-10-2012, 11:25 AM
Check out new IXC SOFTSWITCH v.5 (class 4 platform).
Friendly user web interface, which can be handled by even not technician, multiple routing mechanisms and power user management system -- that are the advantages of this version. It's implemented from 2010 and has lot of positive references already http://www.ixc.ua/ixc-overview.