View Full Version : Best softswitches and chep rates($400) with 24/7 support free

11-02-2007, 07:31 AM
Hello clients,

we are providing softswitches for rent,rate is only $400 per month and also we are selling A-Z routes too with chep prices and great quality

our specifications are ,

1.Our softswitch is VM means Voice Master

2.It will do routing and billing of your voip calls.

3.We supports both H323 and Sip protocols

4.Using new generation codecs like G729,G723 etc.......

5.providing 24/7 support free

6.We are using steady and stable firewalls.

7.Providing customised CDR and CRM form that you can see your account information and all that is related your account.

8.Now we are providing 5MBPs bandwidth free for every softswitch customer.

9.For our A-Z routes we are providing an ASR of 50 and plus,ACD 5 minutes,1/1 billing,PDD 10 seconds

for more on this please contact :inrvoip@hotmail.com