View Full Version : US Hosted Dedicated softswitch for Rent & Sale with 24/7 support

10-31-2007, 11:06 PM
Dear All,

we are one of the emerging voip hosting company located at

united states.

We provide allmost all the products for VOIP such as VOIP Softswitch,Gateways,

modules like reseller,callback,Norfa,protocol conversion etc etc....for VOIP

business.We provide these for rent, sales and also lease with wonderful offers and

reasonable price.The most important thing is we gave 24/7 suppport and other

offers to customers for free of charge.We support H323 and SIP protocols and

codecs like G723, G711 and also G729.And also we provide A-Z routes and DIDs.

we have over 50 cisco certified voip techengineers to strengten the online support .

The system is capable of doing both billing and routing of calls with online CDR.

Also we have Hardware sales and leases, collocation facilities, technical support

packagesand interop testing management are also available. We prides itself in providing

high quality origination and termination services both domestic and international routes.

Among the many features of doing business with

Multiple codecs are supported
Real time CDR access
24 hour Support
Agressive Rates

For further details and for a live demo add me on

MSN :vasavi.h@hotmail.com

Email :vasavi.h@hotmail.com