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10-30-2007, 12:00 PM
Dear Sirs,

We offer scalable carrier grade softswitch with following features and benefits

- Support for Class 5 features and major VoIP standards
- Platform for immediate launching of prepaid, postpaid and wholesale services
- Web based Subscriber self-provisioning and service management
- Unlimited number of resellers
- Unified messaging

Automated phone number translation
Routing: least-cost, preferences, customer specific
Destination groups

Call features
Caller ID, call waiting, call holding, 3-way calling
Call transfer, call park, music on hold
Call intercept/recording
Follow-me calls to multiple destinations

Reports and monitoring
Real-time email alerts
Comprehensive built-in reports: ASR, Cost/Revenue, ability to run custom reports
Customizable PDF invoices with attached call summary

Billing and provisioning:

Full prepaid and postpaid billing support for any RADIUS based equipment (Cisco, Quintum, MVTS, Asterisk)
ANI based billing
Wholesale termination billing
E-commerce module
Capacity over 10 million minutes per month
RADIUS server, billing engine, database, IVR support all in one

If you are interested in our solution, please contact me at ipmiracle at gmail.com.

Roby Santos.