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10-30-2007, 11:56 AM

Everybody knows solutions from Sysmaster and everyone wants to have them. We offer the lowest prices and the best service.

Key Features of VM

- Standard and Advanced VoIP Billing Functionality
- Advanced Management of Calling Cards
- Multiple Authentication Methods
- Selection of Call Legs for Billing Purposes
- Real-time Monitoring and Alerts
- Comprehensive Reporting
- Virtual Server Partitioning
- Carrier Grade Reliability
- Modular Architecture
- Unlimited Rate Tables
- High Call Capacity

Key Features of SM

- Deployable in SIP, H.323 or MGCP VoIP Networks
- Registration with Multiple Gatekeepers
- Support for Multiple RADIUS Servers
- Multilingual and Customizable IVR
- Support for IVR over IP
- Multiple Voice Codecs
- Route Fail-over Support
- SIP/H.323 Protocol Conversion
- Codec Translation
- Callback Support

If you want to have scalable, reliable and feature rich solution, this offer is for you. CRM, web softphone, softswitch, GK, billing, SIP registrar/SIP proxy and a lot of other modules are included.

We have latest versions, upgrade to newest versions is also available. Norfa, UniSwitch, MegaSwitch, ... we have all of them. You can also rent VM and SM.

Want to know the details? Please contact me at
ipmiracle at gmail.com (MSN as well),
ipmiracle at yahoo.com (Yahoo ID is ipmiracle).

All the best,