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12-05-2007, 06:45 PM
we sell all kinds of voip system

To all Clients,

Want to setup VOIP company, a business under your own brand name? We have complete solution
to launched VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) company. All support comes included.
Features: PC2Phone, Device2Phone, Calling Card, Callback,sms callback solution, Ani Callback
solution, DID callback solution, Cli Callback, Pin Callback, Wholesale Termination, Online
Billing, Unlimited Resellers Creating, online shop, invoice generator, paypal integrated
online shop, pin recharge modules, H323 and SIP.
No ties to us, deal with the wholesalers you want and buy VoIP minutes from any one in the
market without any expensive equipment.
Basically all kind of services that are available in the market. We always observe and
follow the current trends in technology trying to react timely to changing customers demand

by enhancing our system and adding new features.

Mera MVTS 3.1.0
Billing (Snapbilling)
Mera MVTS 3.1.2
Billing (Alepobilling)
Billing (AVB)
Mera MVTS 3.1.3
Billing (Alepobilling)
Billing (AVB)
VPS (Voipswitch)2.745
With Dialer
VPN Server
VPS (Voipswitch)2.998
With Dialer
VPN Server
VPS (Voipswitch)2.915
With Dialer
VPN Server
Nextone 3.1ver

Key features:
I) High call capacity,
II) Unlimited rate table,
III) Real time monitoring& alerts
IV) Multiple authentication methods,
V) Advanced management of calling cards
VI) Selection of call legs for billing purposes,
VII) Comprehensive reporting
VIII) Standard voice billing functional

Billing and rating features:
I) Ability to define call legs for billing purposes,
II) Support for prepaid and postpaid billing models,
III) Full support for radius billing signals,
IV) Unlimited number of rate tables,
V) Initial time, maintenance, and other charges per call,
VI) Management of rating increments,
VII) Management of rating increments,
VIII) Management of call time and per call adjustments,
IX) Automated import of provider rates
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