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10-26-2007, 03:40 AM
Hosted Softswitch n Billing from IXC !!!

The Hosted Softswitch and Billing is a core component of our approach to wholesale Service Providers. It is these services that allow a Service Provider to become a full IP Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) without making time-consuming and costly investment in their own nationwide VOIP infrastructure.
The softswitch includes call routing engine, media proxy and VoIP traffic accounting. It enables call termination from any IP telephony device, independent of its manufacturer, protocols and origin.
The hosted billing solution allows our service providers to manage their customer’s details, rate plans, invoicing, and reporting. Service Providers have the option of invoicing their customers directly from our system, or downloading the data for import into their own billing system.

Why IXC Hosted Softswitch?

1. No large capital investments
2. Ready to use system on the day of the payment
3. Complete turn key application
4. Support both – signaling and media proxy
5. Scalability
6. Real time billing
7. Secure business Approach
8. 24/7 included free technical support
9. Additional services, like routing test and invoice generation
10. No installation cost

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