View Full Version : How to start calling card business

11-29-2007, 08:08 AM
Are you interested to start your own calling card business?
You are in the right place. Our calling card platform is the ready-made solution with wide range of features:

- ANI/PIN Authentication
- DNIS Authentication and Call Redirect
- Peak Time On/Off Billing
- Unlimited Routes
- Advanced Rate Switching
- Flagfall and progressive Billing
- Multi Lingual IVR
- Four Layer Billing Structure (Provider/Owner/User/Agent)
and others

If you are at a loss and donít know how to begin your calling card business, contact me at ipmiracle@gmail.com. I will provide consulting services and give you the recommendations of our tech personnel.

I am waiting for your inquiries at ipmiracle@gmail.com.

Best wishes,