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Zeribs (Europe&Americas)
01-06-2012, 03:45 PM
ZERIBS now has agents working in the UK. Zeribs UK is your partner for wholesale routing of A-Z premium routes. At ZERIBS UK we always work hard to provide quality routes with industry standard ASR || ACD || and PDD. Our Support Teamís pro-active approach help us gain trust of our clients and increase our market share. We have Easy and Reliable Payment Methods of EMS || VERTECTO || Bank Wire.

Currently, we are routing well over a million minutes per day. With our reliable billing system ZERIBS UK and its clients are maintaining smooth business relationship.

As we are committed to provide our clients quality routes, we are also always looking for premium CLI Routes for A-Z Destinations.We encourage EMS/Vertecto/Prepay

We encourage EMS/Vertecto/Prepay

Kindly, contact our UK Sales Team at iz@zeribs.com Skype ID: itzafar

Looking forward to a long term relationship


E-Mail: iz@zeribs.com
Skype: itzafar
Webpage: Domain Default page