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08-07-2011, 11:57 PM
CEO: Mr.T.D.Lingam [since 2001]

About :
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Solutions

IP Phones, IP Video Phones, IP PBX, ATA, Gateways, Video Surveillance

Services we provide:

1. Interconnect existing PABX in HQ and branch offices to make free calls between them.
2. If you are a new company than we can provide an IP PBX solution, which has many advantages over traditional PABX.
3. We provide consultancy on various VoIP solution as per customers need.
4. If you looking for just VoIP products we have whole range of them.
5. Video Conference System (also known as a video teleconference system) - Offered as per the client's specifications.
6. We offer VoIP Solutions to customer such as IP PBX, VoIP phones, ATA, VoIP Gateways [FXS & FXO], Gateways
7. We provide Cheap VoIP Calls [Local & international calls as we have our own SIP Servers running 24/7]. If you don't have the equipment, you can rent the equipment from us or u can buy the equipments if u choose to. The quality you get is unbeatable as you can opt to try it out first & if you like it we can fixed it for you. The rates are far more cheap than you can get on the market..a short note for your view:

SINGAPORE - MOBILE [658-659] RM0.0652
CHINA -FIXED [86] RM0.0768
CHINA - MOBILE [8613; 86145; 86147; 8615; 8618] RM0.0768
HONG KONG - FIXED [852] RM0.0789
HONG KONG - MOBILE [85217; 85248-85249; 85251; 85253-85254; 85256;.] RM0.0579
MALAYSIA - BORDER CALLS [602; 6080] RM0.1718
MALAYSIA - FIXED [60154; 604-607; 6082-6089; 609] RM0.11
MALAYSIA - MOBILE [6010-6013; 60142-60143; 60145-60149; 6016-6019] RM0.12

We also provide Proof Of Concept (POC) for customers to evaluate our solutions. Feel free to drop an email or you can contact us so that we can arrange appointment to give brief info how the system works.

26B, Jln SS3/33, University Garden,, 47300 Selangor Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Mobile: +60166453064
Office: +60378767133 / Fax: +60378766133

Vegasari (http://vegasari.com.my)