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SMM Network Solutions
06-29-2011, 04:25 PM
SMM Network Solutions Pte Ltd, registered with ACRA (http://www.acra.gov.sg/) Singapore, is a telecom company based in Singapore doing business mainly in whole sale voice service over VOIP. Currently the company is operating in many destinations across the world. The major ones are -
0.6 million BD CLI traffic
- 0.15 million BD non CLI traffic
- 0.35 million India CLI traffic

We are providing stable routes to any destination across the world with highest voice quality and best connectivity. Assuring quality 24 x 7, the company caters to its customers' need with utmost urgency. As a company that believes not only on individual growth but on the growth of the industry, it is connecting with more new partners everyday across the globe in an effort to make information technology available to everyone so that lives can change for good.

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