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11-20-2007, 06:25 PM
Solegy, www.solegy.com offers a Web and ANI Call back platform that enables service providers to let users initiate long-distance calls through a variety of origination methods, offering an alternative to expensive outbound long distance rates.
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Web and ANI Call back Features
Triggered by ANI or Web.
Use with any SIP or H.323 compatible terminating gateways or carriers.
Easy Integration into existing VoIP environment.
Open XML interface and published webservices allow you to design your own user interface.
Designed to support multiple levels of resellers as well as multiple languages and currencies.
Support for open source SIP developers with the Solegy-sponsored Open SIP Stack project.
Web-Triggered Callback
Our Web Callback Service allows users to make long-distance calls from inside the service provider’s web-site. The webpage is configured to interact with the web callback module using XML webservices. Once the callback server receives the XML message, it initiates a callback to the user’s phone and to the destination number specified by the user. When the user answers, the callback server automatically dials the destination number and connects both call legs.
ANI Callback Service
The ANI Callback Service allows any phone user to make long-distance calls by calling the Solegy ServicePDQ callback platform. The callback server does not pick up the initial call but it will determine the caller ID number, which will be used to trigger an immediate callback to the user. After the user answers, the callback server automatically dials the destination number and connects the calls.
Solegy also provides:

Solutions for VoIP Service Providers:
Solegy's Service Delivery Platform (SDP) enables VoIP Service Providers to roll-out feature rich services quickly and with no CAPEX and OPEX.
Pre-built SDP applications include:
Prepaid IP Calling Card Platform
PostPaid IP Calling Card Platform
SOHO Broadband Telephony
Hosted IP PBX
SIP Voicemail solution
Wholesale Peering
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Solutions for Network Operators:
Solegy's IMS aligned service delivery platform (SDP) empowers network operators to take advantage of the Next Generation Network (NGN) applications and content being developed around the 3GPP and 3GPP2 IMS specifications.

Solutions for Content Providers:
Solegy's next generation network (NGN) platform allows you to control the delivery of digital media content (music, video programming, gaming, mobile search, etc.) through any broadband network.
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