View Full Version : Rent ! Rent !! Rent!!! MVTS/VPS with low monthly fee!!!/sale!!!

11-18-2007, 05:00 AM
we are offering full functional voip billing software which is old and latest version.
Also all modules is complete there. Deferent type's of soft ware like-Nextone /VM
(2.1-3.9-4.05-4.03-4.6, 4.7), MVTS 3.1.2 -, MVTS II , vps, ALEPO(window/Linux ),
A-2 BILLING , ADVANCE VOIP BILLING, IBS,NEXTONE etc also available with us. voip related
all kinds of file with cheap price & 100% workable guarantee. Currently we rent
VPS & MVTS with low monthly rate.

VoIPSwitch server Rent !!!